Mo and Margarita love their apartment so much, they got engaged outside of it.

Our neighborhood is a great place to live but unaffordable housing options keep too many people out. On the ANC, I am working to promote increased housing options and supporting policies that will help lower costs.


Mo’s SmarTrip and trip planning app help him get around

As someone who doesn’t own a car, walking, biking and public transportation are how I get around. I am in close contact with DDOT and work within both formal and informal settings to support transportation projects and keep folks informed.

Government Accessibility

On the campaign trail or at home, Mo loves to talk about important issues

ANCs are more than local government, they are hyper-local! Feel free to reach out, I will reply quickly and work with you to solve problems and answer questions. When I can’t, I will make sure to connect you with the right people. As new issues come before the ANC, I will reach out to our community to learn more by listening to a diverse range of opinions. All neighbors should know what issues are before the ANC and have a chance to make their voice heard without attending a lengthy monthly meeting.

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